This single page app will make you use carpool

This single page app will make you use carpool

Since smartphones came into the hand of people, it opened endless possibilities of how to make a phone of a person, more useful to that person.

Many apps came into the life of people and changed the way people are living, like Facebook, What’s App, Instagram and SnapChat.

This was the first phase of adaptation of apps, first phase because they were mostly ‘vitamin’ apps. Widely accepted these apps opened the doors and gave hopes to the ‘painkiller’ apps.

This is the next phase, where painkiller apps are getting made and finding their way to the phones.

These apps changed the way you use cab services, stay away from home, find out restaurant, buy things, book a seats and find mate. These were made easier by apps like AirBnB, Uber, Zomato, Tinder, Amazon, Bookmyshow and many more.

Vitamin apps assembled the feature of your phone and churn out some fun, instant gratification and social satisfaction. And painkiller apps added some value to your life.

Likewise there are many carpool apps which are there to save your fuel expense, network and move without paying high fare of cabs. But none of those are household name. Why.

Using carpool apps looks like a task

It take a lot of time from the user side to make such app work, lots of combinations are required, listing has to happen, people has to agree, they have to be punctual and lucky. This site figured out these concerns and addressed. It allows you to pool just like any other taxi hailing apps. Quick and easy.

Carpool apps binds people in fixed schedule

The app should give more freedom and make matched on the go, rather than put people is a fixed routine. Which this app is doing, as you open the app, you see various people on the map.

Security concerns while using the app

Opting for same organization people

Using carpooling usually matches strangers, which can make people feel anxious and unsafe. Even if the app verifies people, it could seem a biased judgement to some doubtful users, because they know that the app need to increase users, and one way to do it is to relax some security.

Here this app allows user to pool within organization. Even if the people doesn’t know each other, working with same organization makes them trust each other towards a common goal even outside of work.

Going with same organization people

Here once user opt for same organization people, their details are hidden from the others.

Most of the people would prefer to take a ride with someone of their own organization.

It ask for commission

If someone is doing all of these to save their fuel expense and cab fare. They wouldn’t like the fact that there is a percentage commission of each ride going to different companies, like app maker and e-wallets. This app is commission free.

App needed to be installed

Doesn it necessary has to be an app to serve people? why not on browser? Installable apps are overrated, because look at some positive side of this one page app:

It won’t ask you to install

It won’t take space on your phone

It is still available on the browser homescreen

Still works like an app

So these are top 5 issues or show stoppers in the world of carpool. All of these issues are handled and packaged in a single web page. Why not give it a try within your organization:

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